Round Stone Barn

This iconic barn was built in 1826 and originally had a conical roof. A series of improvements altered the appearance of the barn after a devastating fire in 1864. A flat monitor roof and cupola were added, as well as a manure pit. By 1870, the Shakers added a clerestory level below the cupola, providing increased light and ventilation.

The barn was used well into the twentieth century, although time began to take its toll. The building began to settle and through-cracks began to show in the walls. In 1968, the museum was able to dismantle the walls, leaving the timber frame intact, and reinforce the foundations. The walls were reassembled using the original stones. Paint analysis revealed a yellow on the exterior woodwork that the Shakers applied after the 1864 fire. This color was restored in 2009.

Visitors to  our annual Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm event find the Round Stone Barn full  of newborn lambs, piglets, calves and chicks, and can sign up for our Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tour.

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